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Not the friendliest sounding word, but Legal Headhunting can be a big boost for your bottom line when done expertly and with the utmost sensitivity.

We can deliver high-calibre fee earners with sound legal knowledge and high value contacts, and a proven record within their field.

Headhunters from Premier Law Jobs, UK

Is it expensive? Yes - compared to basic job advertising, but initial cost must be looked at in the context of the new ideas, increased productivity and profits a key person with the right qualifications, in the right place, can bring to your business.

Legal headhunters are recruitment specialists who realise that top candidates are not ordinary job seekers and they are rarely looking for work and rarely answer job advertisements - they have firms wishing to snap them up! Their skills and positions are such that they are sought after, and found, discreetly.

Hiring a senior member of staff or board member can be difficult. You know what you require and have a good idea of the direction you want your business to take. The difficulty lies in finding the key person with the correct skill set and character to ensure success. Our executive search and selection services will assist you in finding that person.

For an exploratory discussion on our nationwide services, please contact Jonny Scott-Slater at CER on:
01872 274 227 or email

Specialising exclusively within the legal industry, Premier Law Jobs is dedicated to matching senior and experienced barristers, solicitors and legal executives across the country with firms and chambers who can take their careers to the next level and provide them with the challenge they seek.

Premier Law Jobs is a nationwide provider of bespoke, professional intermediary services to legal professionals and established firms.

If you have any questions regarding this recruitment website, contact us at Premier Law Jobs using the following email address: This site includes legal job vacancies in England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

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